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What is

Squad is the next next-generation social E-commerce super-app. Our mission is to bring a live shopping experience to online shopping.

But more than that, we focus on sustainability and green eco-systems, and we are selling nature-friendly products to

What we do

Our mission is to give you the opportunity to work with experienced professionals from different fields, and at the same time to make it possible for them to earn tokens

Maybe you know that a start-up is the fastest growing business type. Because of this, the people who are working in it can grow as fast as they want

Our 6 months long internship will be very intensive. You guys will be part of this project from the very beginning

Can you make money with us?

 Each instructor will assign different tasks for you to complete. If you complete they will review it, and based on your performance you will get a score

Based on your score you will get as a reward, tokens. You can do whatever you would like with this amount of token. You can sell it or keep it. Each SMT token you will get is a investment if you hold it.

But let me tell you one important thing. Those things you will learn with us in the next 6 months, will be the best investment you can make now. Why? Because the more you invest in yourself the more you will be able to achieve.

The Squad Meta Talent is a 6-month internship that at the end of your internship you become a generalist.
During the Squad Meta Talent, you will learn technology
(AI, programming), digital marketing and growth hacking, business, HR, Web 3, Design, Individual Development, and Sales.

over six months, with a relative specialization in each area.

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Team work

In this course, you will learn the true meaning of teamwork and do your tasks and projects by interacting with your teammates.

Carrying out projects and tasks

This course is not just training, and in order for you to learn the topics completely, at the end of the training you will have to do a task and a project related to the training you have seen.

Learn the latest world topics

In this course, we have considered the most current topics in the world that will make you progress

The way to enter the  Squad

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